About Us

Wingerden 1 Richard Wingerden’s interest in the legal profession was sparked while he was an undergraduate in Political Science at San Jose State University. His legal experience began in 1991 at the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office. The one and a half year long internship provided him with firsthand experience in the criminal justice system, which solidified his commitment to the legal profession.

While in law school, Mr. Wingerden continued to work in the criminal justice system as an Own Recognizance Release Specialist at the Santa Clara County Office of Pretrial Services. As an Own Recognizance Release Specialist, Mr. Wingerden was assigned to the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections where he worked with judges to evaluate inmates to determine their suitability for release on their own recognizance or setting of bail. This valuable experience allowed Mr. Wingerden to become even more familiar with the criminal judicial system and understand the pain and vulnerability of nearly every inmate in the correctional system. He is a strong advocate for inmates’ rights, and developed strong relationships and respect with Judges, prosecutors, officers and jail personnel.

Today, Mr. Wingerden has developed his practice with particular expertise in crimes of violence from the most basic battery cases to domestic violence, serious assaults, drug possession and sales, theft, burglary, three strikes law matters and other violent crimes, DUI and juvenile matters. Mr. Wingerden will bring his Expert and Aggressive Representation to handle all of the client’s needs from simple misdemeanor cases to serious and complex felonies.

Mr. Wingerden is also known for his knowledge of the often confusing Juvenile Court System and has expertise in Public School disciplinary actions and expulsions.

Mr. Wingerden is very knowledgeable in the area of wills and trusts. The main goal is to execute a legal document once that clearly preserves the client’s wishes that will stand the test of time. Mr. Wingerden is very understanding of the importance and one’s stress in dealing with what happens to their loved ones and assets after they are gone. The client will receive a thoughtfully and through explanation of the process. Based on the client’s individual wants and needs, Mr. Wingerden will also discuss if other legal documents need to be executed such as a living will, health care proxy, or power of attorney.

When Mr. Wingerden is not in the courtroom or drafting documents for clients, he enjoys time with his wife and two beautiful daughters, gardening, playing sports as well as coaching lacrosse and soccer.

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