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When a loved one passes on, you want to be sure that everyone will honor their last wishes. In order to protect those wishes, it may become necessary to either contest a will or defend a will from contestation. Trying to accomplish this or navigate through probate when there is no will by yourself can feel impossible, but thankfully, you do not have to go through it alone.

At The Law Offices Of Richard Wingerden, you can find a California attorney with decades of legal experience in helping people uphold the last wishes of someone dear to them and guiding clients through the complex probate process. Attorney Richard Wingerden knows how to help clients resolve things swiftly and efficiently.

Guidance In Will Contestations

In order for anyone to contest a will, they need to have legal grounds to do so. There are four common reasons that someone would be able to contest a will:

  • Undue influence: Someone forced or coerced the decedent into creating or agreeing to a new will.
  • Lack of testamentary capacity: The testator (the person who created the will) did not have the mental capacity to understand what they were doing while creating the will.
  • Fraud: Someone else created the will on behalf of the decedent and tried to pass it off as legitimate.
  • Invalid will: If the testator did something incorrectly in the creation of a will, it may not hold up during probate. A common example of this includes having a notary who is also an interested party to the will.

No matter what side of a contest you are on, you deserve an attorney who can help you get to the bottom of things. Attorney Wingerden takes the time to fully understand your unique situation so that he can create a custom-tailored strategy to represent your best interests.

Probate Guidance

Unless you have done it before, resolving probate legal matters can be very complicated, especially while you are still mourning the loss of a loved one. Attorney Wingerden can help you with issues like:

  • Notifying heirs and beneficiaries
  • Valuing the estate
  • Paying remaining debts
  • Transferring property

The probate process can take months or years, so let an experienced probate lawyer reduce the time and energy you need to settle things.

See How An Attorney Can Help You

If you suspect that you should contest a will or that someone is falsely contesting one or if you need help settling complicated probate matters, contact an attorney today. Call 408-273-8239 or click this link to schedule your initial consultation at The Law Offices Of Richard Wingerden in San Jose today.