What Are the Consequences of Black Friday Identity Theft?

With Black Friday coming up, most people will be scouring the market for great deals to start their holiday shopping. However, many people also feel an increase in financial pressure around this time of the year. When money becomes an unbearable stress, people can make poor judgment calls. Therefore, identity theft is a major concern around Black Friday and the holidays. What Is Identity Theft? Identity theft is the act of willfully taking and misusing the personal information of another person. For Black Friday purposes, identity theft would likely involve obtaining money illegally by pretending to be the proper owner … Read More

What You Need to Know About Wire Fraud Charges

The founder and former president of a blood-testing company, Theranos, was charged with wire fraud in June 2018. The charges were connected to false claims that they made about the accuracy of their testing devices. Wire fraud is a common crime that some businesspeople get charged with, but what is this crime and why is it so common? What Is Wire Fraud? Wire fraud is similar to regular fraud, except there is one key difference: this type of fraud takes place over phone lines or other types of electronic communications. Wire fraud generally has four important elements: The defendant made … Read More

Were Battery Accusations Against a Football Player an Attempt at Extortion?

On February 11th, Bay Area authorities received a report of domestic violence. A woman claimed that her boyfriend had dragged her by the hair, hit her 10 times and tried to keep her from contacting authorities. The man accused of this crime was San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ruben Foster. The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office soon pressed charges, but were these accusations just an attempt at extortion? An NFL Player Faces Battery Accusations Not long after being charged with battery, Ruben Foster found his life and career were put on hold. The 49ers released a statement saying that Foster … Read More

Should Defense Attorneys Be Allowed Access to Social Media Accounts?

Social media is an important part of day-to-day life in this modern technological era. It is so important that lawyers, judges and courts are recognizing these posts as valuable evidence. However, not all sides of a courtroom proceeding have equal access to such information. That may be changing thanks to a new ruling from the California Supreme Court. Are Social Media Accounts Fair Game for Defense Attorneys? When it comes to social media evidence, police and prosecutors often find little resistance. They are able to acquire social media communications through warrants and subpoenas. However, if a defense attorney would like … Read More

Here Are the Consequences of Having a Criminal Record

A criminal charge or conviction could negatively affect your ability to lead a successful life. Depending on the circumstances, you may have greater difficulty finding a job or securing housing. There are multiple consequences that people may face for criminal charges and convictions. What Are Some Consequences of Having a Criminal Record? Federal student aid: Many teenagers and young adults don’t realize this, but federal student aid can be affected if you were convicted of a drug crime while receiving student loans. Your aid will not be affected if you received the conviction before receiving any federal loans. Along with … Read More