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Do Not Wait A Lifetime Before You Create An Estate Plan

A widespread myth is that an estate plan is only necessary at midlife or after you have acquired many large assets. The truth is that an estate plan is created to delegate your assets to those that should benefit from your estate. Consult an attorney to review your goals for the distribution of your estate.

The Law Offices Of Richard Wingerden, in San Jose, California, understands the concerns you may have surrounding the planning of your estate. Attorney Richard Wingerden takes his time assessing your current situation and the plans you have for the future of your estate. He will handle the complexities of your case to make the process as simple as possible.

If You Are Hesitant About Creating Your Estate Plan

Questions about estate planning may have you wondering if you need one. There is a lot of widespread false information about estate planning, the only way to gain an understanding about your specific needs is to consult a lawyer.

Wills And Trusts

Everyone who has the ability to create one should have a will. This is to ensure that your family, children and grandchildren inherit what you have left for them. A will is the basis of an estate plan, but your estate plan may benefit from adding a living will or trust as well.

Power Of Attorney And Health Care Directives

When you create your estate plan you will need to identify the people that you trust the most. The people you appoint as your power of attorney and health care proxy will hold your decisions in their hands. They will be legally obligated to carry out your wishes in the event of your death or incapacity.

Discuss Your Goals With An Attorney

Learn how Mr. Wingerden can assist you to create an estate plan that protects your goals, future and family. You can schedule your free consultation by calling 408-273-8239 or by completing this online contact form.