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Richard was there for me throughout my first and hopefully only legal problems after getting a DUI. He showed genuine concern for what I was going through and was always available if I had any questions throughout the entire process. I feel he was very knowledgeable about the subject, always prepared at every step and got me the best possible outcome for my case. I would recommend him to anyone needing a defense attorney.

John T.

Mr. Wingerden helped a family member of mine through a very difficult time. He showed compassion and was helpful navigating the legal system. Richard took the time to explain all available avenues and offered realistic insight about each possible outcome.

Lola L.

I have had the pleasure of Richard Wingerden representing me on a few different legal matters. I am a repeat client of his. Richard is extremely knowledgeable about the laws in regards to my case and any complexities involved with it. He also provided a high level of customer service as he would mail me follow-up letters after each court date and answered any and all questions I had. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone in need of legal services. Richard is a valuable asset to have in your corner.

Fred M.

I heard about Attorney Richard Wingerden from a co worker at my office and I am thankful that I retained Richard as our attorney to represent my son. Richard is not only highly experienced but he is also extremely compassionate and caring about his clients. Our experience has been outstanding. His step by step guidance, comforting nature, expert in criminal law procedures and his follow up / pro active actions made our case strong and resulted in successful outcome. There are so many questions which come to our mind during the hard and gruesome process. Richard understands this and has replied to numerous questions from us (text messages / emails) in an extremely quick and proficient manner. We would highly recommend his services for Juvenile criminal proceedings.


I have used attorneys at least 4 times in my life. Some attorneys didn’t have a lot of time to talk or acted too busy. Richard Wingerden was always available to talk and if he was busy he would always text me back then follow up with a phone call. He made me feel like he had no other clients. A very personal touch. As a firefighter of 31 years and working in retail for 6 I know good customer service and he definitely surpasses the standard of ‘Good Customer Service.’ I will be using him in the future.

Anthony R.

My husband and I were in an unfortunate situation and needed representation. For months before hiring Richard, the courts had my husband and I back and forth because they would “misplace” documents (three times). They would give us court dates every 4-5 weeks but there was never any progress made. Finally, when it was mentioned that my husband would be facing a two year sentence I hired Richard immediately. I met with him, he was very understanding of the situation and let me know he could help. The next scheduled court was the following week, and two years turned into 45 days! The orders that were issued by the courts were also dismissed. I truly believe if I would have brought in Richard in the beginning of this situation (September ’15) that we would have avoided many months of headaches (case was resolved March ’16).

Crystal V.