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Suspect before judge in horrific attempted murder and kidnapping case

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Firm News | 0 comments

In the time immediately following a murder or attempted murder, law enforcement works quickly to bring in a suspect. The hunt for a suspect is often dependent upon victim statements and help from the public, which is exactly what occurred in a recent California case. Law enforcement got some help in a recent case from a good Samaritan who helped to them bring an accused kidnapper and attempted murderer to justice. 

A horrific crime where an assailant strangled a woman with a USB cord, slit her throat with a box cutter and stabbed her in the back with a knife found a fast resolution when someone recognized the suspect due to an Amber alert. Law enforcement found the suspect at a gas station in Cambria. 

In addition to the assault of the woman, the incident also included the kidnapping of the woman’s child, which prompted the Amber alert. After the assault, he allegedly took the victim’s vehicle and their daughter and fled the area. The victim identified her attacker as her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child, which instigated a statewide man hunt for the suspect. 

The suspect appeared in court for the charges against him, which include premeditated attempted murder and kidnapping, just days after his arrest. At the hearing the judge banned all contact between the suspect and the victim and child for at least three years. He already has been to court for a bail hearing where the court denied bail. He will remain in the jail without bail until trial. 

Source: NBC