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Government misconduct and wrongful convictions

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Wrongful convictions can occur anywhere, even in California. About 54% of the time, wrongful convictions are due to government misconduct that is very upsetting to these individuals and to their loved ones, as the government contains the individuals who claim to take care of the citizens of the country. It is important to understand these wrongful convictions, though, to make reform possible and to create a criminal defense case.


Of the 54% of wrongful conviction cases due to the government, 34% were due to police efforts. Of the wrongful convictions, 80% were felonies, and 93 of those individuals faced the death penalty or life in prison. Only 19% of government officials had a mild consequence, and there were slightly more black individuals with wrongful convictions.

Types of misconduct

There are several types of misconduct that occur that lead to wrongful convictions. These include:

  • Tampering with witness information
  • Wrongful interrogation tactics
  • Falsehoods in the evidence
  • Hiding evidence that proves innocence
  • Poor trial conduct

At times, these types of misconduct were unintentional. Many offices that help to keep government officials accountable, however, no longer exist.

Changes that need to occur

Wrongful convictions lead to a need for criminal defense law, but there is only so much that lawyers can do. These wrongful convictions have to end, and closure can come only from a sense of reform. Government officials and police officers should receive training about interrogations and the right conduct and should devote their time to discovering the integrity of a certain case.

Wrongful convictions can ruin your life because you may spend years in jail. You may need a lawyer who can provide the criminal defense you need.