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Mutually Beneficial Legal Agreements

In business, it is important to create contractual agreements with all parties that may have a stake in it. A contractual agreement will bind parties to fulfill their duties and to secure payment. In the event of a dispute, a contract will provide parties with the right to demand what they are owed. Consult a lawyer to review the elements of your contract.

The Law Offices Of Richard Wingerden takes the time needed to determine a solution for you and your business. When you consult attorney Richard Wingerden you can be sure that you will understand your contract formation process. You will be able to move on with your business venture knowing that you are prepared.

A Thorough Understanding Of Your Contractual Agreement

Before you sign a contract, you will want to review it and make sure that you understand it. You should have an experienced lawyer review and explain the contract to you. There are instances where contracts will meet several of the elements but will not be legally binding. This could prevent you from receiving services or payment.

The seven elements of a contractual agreement are:

  • An offer
  • Acceptance
  • Consideration
  • Competence
  • Mutual consent by all parties
  • The legality of the contract’s subject
  • Whether the contract is illegal or void

The various types of business contracts you may need are:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Bill of sale
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Property agreements

When There Has Been A Disagreement With A Contract

Contract disputes usually arise when there has been a breach of contract. This breach could be a failure to deliver services or render payments. It could also be a simple disagreement with the contract itself.

When a contract is breached it may result in the cancellation of the contract. In some cases, there will be restitution fees associated. The most common resolution for a breach of contract is payment of damages.

Learn How An Attorney Can Assist You

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