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What You Need to Know About Wire Fraud Charges

The founder and former president of a blood-testing company, Theranos, was charged with wire fraud in June 2018. The charges were connected to false claims that they made about the accuracy of their testing devices. Wire fraud is a common crime that some businesspeople get charged with, but what is this crime and why is it so common? What Is Wire Fraud? Wire fraud is similar to regular fraud, except there is one key difference: this type of fraud takes place over phone lines or other types of electronic communications. Wire fraud generally has four important elements: The defendant made … Read More

How to Begin to Form Your First Business

Starting a business from the ground up is not an easy task. There’s no guarantee that it will work out, but for many people, it’s worth the risk if you’d like to fulfill your dream of owning your own business or company. In order to ensure the best outcome for your first business, and to stay confident throughout the process, there are some first steps you need to take as an entrepreneur. Create a business, marketing, and financial plan: Your business plan should map out your company’s goals and overall plan of execution. Your marketing plan should include your market … Read More